Imported from Japan

Bird and I have been blogging on Oppositelock about the two cars we imported from Japan. First Bird wrote a post about importing the cars with a lot of details about the MZ20 Soarer Aerocabin. Then I wrote a post about the plan for our MS51 Crown. Both of these were shared to Jalopnik’s front page and a lot of people read them! We thought maybe you’d like to read them too.

We’ve been tagging all of our Oppositelock updates “Imported from Japan” so that you can get them all on one page and check for updates every so often. Bird has also started a site for his photography There are more pictures of our Japanese cars there and some really great film shots from drift events and other shows, check it out!

A little background: We’ve been talking about starting a business importing Japanese cars for a while. Originally we were going to start it after our road trip, but when it became clear that the trip would have to be postponed we went ahead and bought some cars. We learned a lot about the process of bringing in cars with this initial test run and we can’t wait to get the business set up and bring in some more.



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