Post Date Jun 24

How To: Find Used Car Websites in Other Countries

Once you know you want to buy a car in another country how do you find the used car sites? When you google “used cars for sale in Hungary” you don’t come up with Hungarian car sites, the best you can hope for is finding a car on eBay that happens to be in Hungary. Here’s my method for finding the used car sites in other countries. This method can be used to find other things in other countries too!

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Post Date Jun 21

Planning Tip: Don’t cut out options too soon

Part of any good travel plan is flexibility. If you plan to buy a car half way around the world and drive almost 4000 miles (6400km), be prepared to be very flexible. We’ve only been at it a few months and we’ve already had several changes to our plan. The biggest being where we bought the car. Estonia is a little farther from Ukraine than we had intended. It’s giving us another opportunity though, going to Russia.

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Post Date Jun 10

Buying our Lada

Why did we buy our car a year before the trip? It kind of just happened…it wasn’t the initial plan, but when the perfect car popped up, we decided we didn’t want to miss it.

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Post Date Jun 3

We bought it!

Details to come soon, but this is our new to us, 1975 VAZ Lada 2103!