By Corinne

As I’ve been researching I’ve found lots of websites that have helped me understand Resto. Most of these sites are in Russian, and google translate has varying degrees of success. I haven’t found any sites specifically devoted to Resto Ladas, but these stance sites routinely feature them. I covered it in the Idea page, but the important thing is Resto comes from Resto-Cal.

Lower and Wider  is a stance blog covering all kinds of cars. They are based in Ukraine. Here are two excellent examples of a Resto 2103 and another 2103

Drop Mode is a Ukrainian “stance, chill, and friends society.” They have a great photo session with a Resto 2101. One of their member’s cars is called Junkie, and has also been featured on Stanceworks.

Low Daily is a Russian blog about stance . This interview with the owner of a Resto 2101 shows some of the process he went through building the car. This post has some great pictures of some of the Resto Ladas in the club Only Dropped.

Ranflas is a online magazine out of Russia. It covers many different aspects of world car culture. This is an excellent write up on the custom car culture in Russia. Knowing the history of the different styles and understanding how to adapt them to different cars really resonates with what we are trying to do.

As I find more sites I will update this page, but this should be enough to get you started. Also keep a look out for individual cars we like posted in the blog.