Making Our Lada ‘Resto’: Part 1 The Plan

Start with a stock/restored Lada, add period type accessories, and lower it as much as possible. You can learn more on our ‘About Resto’ page, but those are the basics. We’ve got our basically stock Lada, and since it’s in such nice original shape, we won’t be doing very much restoration at this point. We do have a […]

How To: Find Used Car Websites in Other Countries

Once you know you want to buy a car in another country how do you find the used car sites? When you google “used cars for sale in Hungary” you don’t come up with Hungarian car sites, the best you can hope for is finding a car on eBay that happens to be in Hungary. Here’s my […]

Planning Tip: Don’t cut out options too soon

Part of any good travel plan is flexibility. If you plan to buy a car half way around the world and drive almost 4000 miles (6400km), be prepared to be very flexible. We’ve only been at it a few months and we’ve already had several changes to our plan. The biggest being where we bought the […]